Copier Leasing, Sales and Service in Wichita




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Ask about our amazing copier specials. We would love to help you!

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Some people prefer to purchase a copier and others prefer to lease a copier. We are happy to help you in either situation.

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We have plans where you can get free printer service when you buy the toner cartridges from us!  All of our plans also offer regular service plans!

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Lease a copier between $30 a month to about $400 per month, depending on the model. We can fit in your budget!

Copier Leasing and Purchasing Made Smarter

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Let Us Help!

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We are product of how simple we have made the toner and service ordering for our clients. First of all, there is software placed on your desktop and with a couple of clicks, service or supplies can be ordered (normally takes less than 60 seconds!) We would love you help you out!

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Most of our service calls are completed in a few hours. Why wait days or even a week to get service?  We believe service contracts should make it so you aren't waiting so long to get your copier serviced.

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Our support team has been trained on the Canon and the Xerox support and setup.  This means we are able to help you whenever you run into issues!

Wichita Copier Leasing and Support for Xerox and Canon