Adding Security to your Copier

If you run a business that deals with people’s information then you could be at risk of an attack. Technology has become more important in housing our data, and people go to great lengths to protect their network security. However, most people never consider the importance of adding security to your copier.

Your office copier could actually be vulnerable to an attack if you don’t take the right steps. Most people never think about how a copier works. Inside your copier is a powerful hard drive that helps your copier accomplish a number of feats. One such feature is the ability to save an image of every document that is passed through or produced by your copier.

That means that there is a copy of everything that has ever happened at your business inside your copier. You may not be aware of what could be on that hard drive, but over time a lot of data ends up there.

  • Personal contact information
  • Home addresses
  • Health records
  • Legal information
  • Business transactions

Don’t just assume that network security is all you need. You can still be at risk or a data breach if you don’t add security to your copier. It’s not just your information that’s up for the taking; it’s everyone you have ever done business with.

Make sure your copier is secure today by calling Wichita Copier. We can make sure you are operating safely, and powerfully.