Check Out All of The Advantages of Connectivity Using Xerox Remote Services

Xerox Remote Services is a set of features that help make printer ownership and administration easier by providing a variety of free services to help metered billing and supply replenishment of printers on a network. Because of this, connectivity is an important part of these services. 

Here are a few of the features you can take advantage of with Xerox Remote Services: 

Automatic Supply Replenishment: This service allows for certain supplies to be automatically ordered for your machine as they are needed. Orders are based on actual uses to prevent excel inventory.

Remote Diagnostics: For newer devices, the remote diagnostic is available and enabled once the new device is installed. It enhances the troubleshooting and repair processes and allows for diagnostic information from your device to be sent to the Xerox support teams to help identify issues and find the right solutions. If the issue can be solved remotely, the team will help you resolve the problem to get your machine up and running.

Service Representatives: If an issue does require a technician then the diagnostic information will be sent to a technician in order to help speed up the repair process. Because our field services team reviews the diagnostic information reported by your machine after a call is requested, our technicians are able to arrive more prepared with parts they may need on hand.

Automatic Meter Reads: The automatic meter reads feature makes the process of collecting and submitting meter reads faster, easier and ensures that your reads are submitted on time.

Check out the Remote Services at for more information about these features. You will also be able to check the Capable Products list to see if your device is able to take advantage of these services.

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