Keep your Copier Lease Payments Low

Let’s imagine a situation where you have a copier lease that you love; The payments are low, you like your agent and you don’t want anything to change. However, a few years into your lease you notice that your monthly payments have gone up. Keeping your copier lease payments low is all about understanding your lease before you sign so that the above situation doesn’t happen to you.

What happened in the example described above is not too uncommon. It is not unusual for copier leasing salespeople to include a provision in your lease that allows them to raise your lease payments after a certain amount of time, usually 2 years.

Your agent will usually tell you that it mean they can raise your rates, but that isn’t necessarily going to happen. However, when has a company ever had the ability to charge you extra and decide not to just to be nice? The answer is practically never.

Look through your copier lease before you sign anything and look for a provisoin that allows them to raise rates. You can always expect that your payment could rise with inflation, but that should be the only t hing that you have to worry about.

Remember to read through all parts of your lease in order to keep your copier lease payments low. Don’t assume anything is for sure because you like your agent. It’s to you to sign the lease that works for you.