Keep your Lease Rate Low

When you are working on getting a great rate on your copier it’s not enough to just get a great starting price. There is a trick that many sneaky copier leasing companies will use to make you sign deceiving leases that will cost you money. We believe in saving you money and doing what we can to keep your lease rate low.

There is something you need to pay attention to when looking at your copier lease. Sometimes you will see a provision that allows your leasing company to raise your lease rate after 2 years. They may say that this is only so they “can” but doesn’t necessarily mean that they “will.” However, when has a company been legally allowed to raise your rates and not done it just because they are being nice?

You can always expect your lease rate to rise a bit from things like inflation. There is basically nothing you can do about that, but we have seen some pretty crazy leases. We have even seen some leases that allow the rate to rise as high as 12% per year.

  • Let’s imagine that your copier leasing representative gave you a great deal on a 10,000 print agreement. They say that you will get 10,000 prints for $100, which is a great price on the market.
  • But then your lease begins to rise by 12% after year two.
  • By your fifth year of your agreement you are paying $157 for the same 10,000 prints. This is not a good market price

Keeping your lease rate low is crucial when trying to plan your budget. If you suddenly have to start paying far more than when you started then all your plans can start to fall apart. Look for this provision in your lease and do whatever you can to keep it out. Keeping your lease rate low is one of the best ways to save yourself money and hardship down the road.