Pay by Phone for Printing: To Do or Not to Do

online paymentWith technology growing at such a rapid pace, we see new aspects to our daily lifestyles all over the place. While smartphones now let us do mobile printing from anywhere with Internet access, we have newer methods of paying for printing supplies like Google Wallet, LevelUp, Paypal and Pay with Square. Nevertheless, should you keep all your information in a single place? The traditional mindset is that financial matters should be left in safes and wallets that we will instinctively protect. We are comfortable with protecting them.

Hacking credit card information and lifting cash from the ATM has existed for a long time, and cell phones have been used constantly. Mobile paying apps have started to take the offensive against would-be hackers with security measures that protect your most essential information. Why pay with a phone? First, it is more convenient, and you can handle your finances better. You are less likely to forget when paying by phone. With banking apps like Paypal, Venmo and others, splitting a check or sending cash to a friend has never been easier. Around 54.9 percent of cell phone owners are now using smartphones. That means more than 110 million people are using smartphones.

The advantage of paying for your printing supplies with phone is how you receive text alerts, and you will pay directly from your bank account to keep you safe. In addition, there are other safety features that keep mobile payments safe. Nevertheless, paying always come down to preference.