Stop Overspending on Prints

One of the most common areas that people overspend on when it comes to their copier costs is prints. It’s not that they have a bad deal on their individual price per print cost; it’s usually that they are buying too many prints to begin with. This is common among those who work with distrustful copier leasing companies. These companies only want to take your money, not actually help you. That’s why we are here to show you how to stop overspending on prints.

The first thing you want to understand is something we call the 80% rule. This states that you should buy about 80% of the prints that you think you need on your busiest month. This may mean that you have to buy more prints mid-month during your busiest times, but you are still saving money.

Copier leasing companies will often suggest that you get more than you think you need. They will offer more prints for less price per print in an attempt to seem helpful. But that’s a trick.

Here is a simplified example of how they will try to scam you.

  • You want 25,000 prints, and the price will be $.015 per print.
  • They suggest 30,000 prints, but at $.014 per print.

(25,000 prints) X ($.015) = $375 per month

(30,000 prints) X ($.014) = $420 per month

When you do the math, even though the price per print is lower, you would still be paying more overall with the suggested 30,000 print option. You would be spending an extra $45 per month, every month, for the entire 5 year lease. This would cost you $2,700 over the time of your lease!

Stop overspending on prints in your copier lease. Buy smart and save today.