What Support Options Are Available From Xerox?

Xerox offers many forms of support to ensure that you always get the technical support you need your way.  

Support Options:

Product Drivers and Support Online:

You can get technical support 24/7 for your Xerox MFPs and printers through online product support. This is their go-to for Xerox support for many people before they try other methods. All commonly asked questions and answers are available here. 

Xerox Support Engage App:

A newer support option, the Xerox Support Engage App, is ideal for people who want online support on their phones and tablets. It can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices and is available for all Xerox machines covered by a service agreement. 


You can also talk to a professional from the Product Support and Drivers page. The chat enables you to get real-time support for your specific problem. Although the chat starts with an automated Q/A bot, you can also talk to a support technician. 

Phone Support:

If you don’t have the time for chatting, you can also call a support technician. Here are some of the numbers for the North American Support centers:

  • Network and Phaser printers only: 1-800-835-6100 (US & Canada).
  • All Xerox products except network and Phaser printers: 1-800-821-2797.

Xerox Customer Support Community Forum:

The Xerox Customer, Support Community Forum, is a platform that lets you interact with other Xerox owners. This community forum lets you start discussion threads and get support from other people who had the same issue. 

Xerox Support YouTube Channel:

If you’re more of a visual learner, then Xerox also has an official YouTube channel. The Xerox Support YouTube Channel]’

It not only covers many common bugs but rare issues as well. And it’s the fastest way to get help configuring your machine. 

Xerox Support Options By Cost:

Some of the free of charge services include:

  • Online Support.
  • Xerox Customer Support Community Forum.
  • XeroxSupport YouTube Channel.

Services that require a serial number and a contract include:

  • Xerox Support Engage app. 
  • Chat with a technician. 
  • Technical Support over the phone.

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