Xerox WorkCentre 7220/7225 Overview

If you want a great, affordable printer for your office then look no further than the WorkCentre 7220/7225. This is the multifunction tabloid, color printer that you need if you care about controlling your spending. Not every printer gives you the ability to control your print functions to this level. However, with the WorkCentre 7220/7225 you will be able to keep an eye on all of your print functions.

The WorkCentre 7220/7225 is the machine you need to help print responsibly, with confidence. You can choose from a variety of features that help you keep your spending in line. This is a machine that will impact your bottom line while offering colors that are as bold as they are affordable.

Earth Smart features allow you to customize your print driver for economy and efficiency. For example, you could set features that make multiple pages fit on 1 sheet of paper as a default. You could also make it so that all emails print in black and white by default.

You can also plan for the future by converting to paperless documents. The WorkCentre 7220/7225 can help you scan documents to create searchable PDFs and ISO standard PDF-A documents that help you organize and optimize searches.

You will even get easy, accurate billing as your device automatically submits meter reads and automates supplies refreshment. You can track all your usage and manage costs for greater control.

The WorkCentre 7220/7225 is one of the best machines around for allowing you to control your spending. This machine is what you need to make sure your bottom line is where you want it.