Air Quality from your Copier

By Marketing Group / May 30, 2017 / Comments Off on Air Quality from your Copier

You may not be aware of this, but your office copier could be affecting the quality of your air. While the symptoms are often mild, some people who are affected greatly benefit from some precautionary steps. Following a few simple rules could greatly benefit those in your office who are sensitive to air quality. To…

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Ending your Copier Lease

By Marketing Group / May 19, 2017 / Comments Off on Ending your Copier Lease

If you are like most people then you probably have a good understanding of your copier lease, all the way up until you need to return your machine. This is an all too common mistake that can be a huge incontinence to people. Too many people take the end of their lease for granted and…

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Keep your Lease Rate Low

By Marketing Group / May 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Keep your Lease Rate Low

When you are working on getting a great rate on your copier it’s not enough to just get a great starting price. There is a trick that many sneaky copier leasing companies will use to make you sign deceiving leases that will cost you money. We believe in saving you money and doing what we…

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Proud to Sell Xerox

By Marketing Group / April 27, 2017 / Comments Off on Proud to Sell Xerox

At Wichita Copier we are proud to work with our friends at Xerox. We take pride in being able to offer you the best selection of office machines around, and working with Xerox lets us do just that. They have a reputation for being the gold standard for offices around the country. Xerox is a…

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The Future of Mobile Office Technology

By Marketing Group / April 17, 2017 / Comments Off on The Future of Mobile Office Technology

If you have been in the working class for a long time then you have seen a lot of changes in offices over time. Office machines get more powerful every year, and offer more conveniences than ever before. Some of these changes are easy to adapt to, but as the Millennial generation takes over the…

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Adding Security to your Copier

By Marketing Group / April 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Adding Security to your Copier

If you run a business that deals with people’s information then you could be at risk of an attack. Technology has become more important in housing our data, and people go to great lengths to protect their network security. However, most people never consider the importance of adding security to your copier. Your office copier…

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Optimize Print Performance

By Marketing Group / March 24, 2017 / Comments Off on Optimize Print Performance

Many people do not use their printers and copiers to their full potential. If you have a machine that is capable of producing bright, bold colors then you should make sure you are optimizing your print performance. Wichita Copier is here to make sure you know everything you need to in order to get the…

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Upgrading your Copier Lease

By Marketing Group / March 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Upgrading your Copier Lease

Technology is advancing like never before, and the copier industry is not exempt from innovation. Companies like are always putting out newer, and better products to make your office work more efficiently than ever. This is why it’s important to consider upgrading your copier to optimize your office efficiency. Upgrading your copier can be a…

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Used Copiers in Wichita

By Marketing Group / March 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Used Copiers in Wichita

Are you considering getting a copier for your business but are concerned about the monthly cost? Many people don’t want to add another monthly payment to their list of expenses. At the same time, having a working copier can be a great way to streamline your business and open up new opportunities. At Wichita Copier…

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Understanding Warm-up Time

By Marketing Group / February 24, 2017 / Comments Off on Understanding Warm-up Time

Understanding the difference in copiers is the only way to ensure you’re getting what you need. People get fixated on different parts of their machines, but they aren’t always familiarized on the important stuff. At Wichita Copier we want to help clear the air of copier leases, and help you understand warm-up time. Warm-up time…

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